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¡mucho gusto!

I’m               , a creative and curious human from                                   .

That’s where my interest in design took flight along with my passion for storytelling through visual art. 


santa cruz, bolivia

Simple Polaroid_edited.jpg

how i
sometimes look like

berghs SOC  10/23

Vintage Effect Polaroid_edited.jpg

how i
look like

salar de uyuni  03/23


I love human interaction and love seeing humans interact with design. I’m also pretty good at connecting with people. Which is why I’m a regular at the airport, even though I hate planes. I’ve spent the last year and a half traveling extensively and can now say it is possible to have a FujiFilm camera hanging around your neck for that long. 

I have a B.A. in Media Studies from the University of Virginia

and am currently an Advanced Design Student at Berghs School

of Communications. I’ve done graphic design in content creation,

social media management, and most recently UX/UI design.


In everything I do, I'm driven by a relentless desire to explore my curiosity and express my creativity. My ultimate goal is to turn

my passion for design into a fulfilling career where I can tell compelling stories, and craft visually captivating experiences.


Join me on this exciting journey!


My resume

(question everything, stay curious)

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santa cruz  ??/??

Simple Polaroid (2)_edited.jpg

boca raton  12/02

Simple Polaroid (3)_edited.jpg

D.C.  12/07

Simple Polaroid (5)_edited.jpg

laguna pojoj 03/23

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