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Lots of things have changed in this decade. A pandemic. Geopolitical instability. Social media division. War. An energy crisis. Inflation. A new work culture. Pessimism. The rise of AI. We broke our habits and a whole bunch of other stuff seemed to break too. But there’s one thing that we all want back. We want to go back to simpler times. Adventures, people, experiences, and freedom.


Choose an organization (product, service, or cause) who has been severely interrupted over the last few years, or that will
be interrupted by people’s new habits



Advanced Design, Berghs School of Communication


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Lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic may have impeded the social communication skills of babies born during these periods, suggests new research from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.The findings show that fewer communication milestones were met during the first year of life. While it is possible that these delays will be reversed as 'normal life' resumes, the researchers suggest children's development should be monitored to school age, to make sure there are no long-lasting effects.

Lego-based therapy has been around for almost 20 years.This cooperative play fosters social interaction, turn-taking, communication, and negotiation skills. Therefore, using Legos can support the development and refinement of kids-19 emotional, social and cognitive skills. The Generation Builders' meet-ups is where this comes into play.

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