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How do you make Fanta relevant to GenZ?

By creating a global online trend featuring GenZ on the coolest billboard of the world, turning the screen time blues into orange



Create a headline-breaking Fanta brand act that shows how
our brand and product can play a role in popular culture that appeals to GenZ


Fanta, Young Ones Competition 


Andre Fredheim
Phorum Pandaya
Hedvig Ekelund


made by me

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Gen Z's shift towards valuing experiences over products aligns with Fanta's strategy of prioritizing wants over needs. This cultural shift is reflected in Fanta's #codeorange, which encourages teens to disconnect from their phones, appreciate sunsets, and share these moments digitally. This dual approach addresses both the desire for real-world interactions and the integration of technology. Fanta's broader mission to provide a refreshing drink complements various lifestyles while breaking away from a 'kid's brand' image. By focusing on creating enjoyable moments and experiences, Fanta aims to resonate with the changing tastes and lifestyles of today's teenagers, navigating the intersection of digital and physical realms in contemporary pop culture.


also made by me

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